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    Blogs. Blogging has become a part of everyday life. Whether hosting an online journal, a research project, a work in progress or an autobiography, people are going live with their thoughts and ideas.  We would like to take this opportunity to highlight some blogs hosted by graduates, faculty, and staff members of the College.  If there is a blog you would like to see listed here, please feel free to contact Centre's alumni office.

    Terena Elizabeth Bell 1999
    Translating Interpreting

    Information about the translating and interpreting industry from In Every Language CEO, Terena Bell ‘99. Information for companies in need of translation services, as well as for translators and interpreters.

    J.T. Kirkland 2001
    Thinking About Art

    Initiated in 2004, Thinking About Art is a Web site that hosts a variety of projects for artists around the country and publishes art criticism/commentary. The site is focused primarily on Washington, D.C., but occasionally the scope broadens to include Philadelphia, New York and wherever else travels dictate.

    Mark Mallman 2007
    Two Years in Melbourne, Australia

    Two years in Melbourne, Australia: Rotary, La Trobe Uni, culture, understanding, tea and coffee, service, kangaroos everywhere, friendship, walking, footy, sociology, outdoors, lots of international food, the new and unknown. A Rotary Ambassadorial scholar dispatch.

    Amanda Bauer 2008
    Struggles of a High School Teacher

    Ever wonder what kind of joys and hell a high school teacher goes through? Read about my struggles and triumphs beginning with my first year of teaching at a brand-new school.

    Jessie Ferron 2008
    Punctuated Life

    Life is about the moments that are simple: a necklace that catches your eye, a beautifully-crafted photograph, or even a sunny day. This blog is my record of these moments in the form of style, design, fashion, photography, and real life stories!

    Rob Kinzel 2005
    Where Abouts In Danville

    This blog is in response to Mark Mallman's travel-blog. People are always interested in hearing about people's travels abroad. These are my accounts of 'traveling' in small-town America.

    John Whitehead 1985
    Environmental Economics 

    Adapted from “Top 10 Environmental Economics Blogs”: Undoubtedly the “daddy” of environmental economics blogs. This site has an excellent balance of, post frequency, information content, personality, irreverence, humour and pointless stuff. There is a good banter between Tim Haab and John Whitehead and any blog that has so many alcohol related posts has to be a winner. By telling it as it is they give some excellent insights into academic life with their conference and crash and burn journal experiences (even though they are respected and well published academics).

    Don Lawler 1983
    Restless Rocks

    A blog that will describe the day to day activities of a professional stone sculptor, living and working in a remote wooded area of Kentucky. This weekly pictorial diary is intended as a step-by-step guide for how to create monumental stone sculptures. It is also meant to be entertaining, as well as informative.


    Ginger Pennington'06

    Taste of Ginger

    Ginger relishes in and rants about the uncertainties of being a twenty-something, while trying to make her way in the world as a writer / actress / singer / artist. Track the ups and downs of a sunshine-loving Kentucky girl living by the beach in Los Angeles.